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Wilmington Color Tour

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The Wilmington Color Tour, offered by WilmingtoNColor, is a unique guided tour that delves into the history of the only successful coup d'état on American soil. This historic event happened in Wilmington in 1898. The tour highlights the African American experience in Wilmington and sheds light on this significant but often untold story.

The Wilmington Color Tour isn't just a history lesson; it's a chance to confront a complex and often overlooked chapter in American history. Here's why it's significant:

  • Uncovers a Hidden Story: The 1898 coup d'état in Wilmington is the only successful overthrow of a local government in US history. This tour brings this forgotten event to light, helping us understand the struggles and triumphs of Wilmington's African American community.
  • Challenges Racial Narratives: The coup was fueled by racial animosity and a desire to reverse gains made by Black residents during Reconstruction. The tour sheds light on these issues, prompting reflection on America's racial past and present.
  • Promotes Community Understanding: By exploring this dark chapter, the tour can foster dialogue and a more complete understanding of Wilmington's history. This can help bridge divides and promote racial healing.

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