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Over the pasts few years, I found myself contemplating... what is the best way to support my community & support my children? The answer to this question would later form into the idea, Pee-Pa's Garage Craft Brewery. My ah-ha moment came to me when I was working on my barn in Georgia. I was putting together my man cave / home brew hangout, and one weekend afternoon, I thought, why should I have all the fun. I could take my hobbies (cars, creativity & beer) combine them with my children's skills, and build something that supports my family & my community. After long consideration, support from my wife, and the backing of my family, I started transforming North St. Pete Collision to Pee-Pa’s Garage Craft Brewery. So, if you are looking for fun, friends, family, cars, art, and great beer, stop by Pee-Pa's Garage Craft Brewery.
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