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Burgwin-Wright House and Gardens


$ 7 - 15 per person

Tourist Favorite
Good Cause
Family Friendly


Wilmington's Burgwin-Wright House and Gardens offers a timeless escape into colonial history. Step back to 1770 amidst this Georgian mansion, its rooms adorned with 18th and 19th-century antiques, transporting you to pre-revolutionary Wilmington. Explore an acre of enchanting colonial gardens, bursting with fragrance and color. Wander through an orchard dotted with fig and pomegranate trees, lose yourself in the vibrant rose garden, and peek into the bustling kitchen garden. Join a guided tour to hear the stories of those who lived and worked here, and learn how dedicated women saved this landmark from demolition. Immerse yourself in the Burgwin-Wright House and Gardens – a captivating journey through time in the heart of Wilmington.

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